If you are interested in a knife, These are the categories I work in:

  • Kitchen knives
  • Fixed blade
  • Folder
  • Artisan Knife
  • "All" categories


Sign up on my  Contact me  page and type in the comment box what Category you are interested in. I will add you to my email list and send you a notification when I have new knives made.

Why I do ordering this way:

For twenty years I have studied knife making and am ever learning. The Artistic side of me imagines lines, colors, passion and flow. The Practical side of me sees application, performance and function. These two aspects are hard to bring together as one. I have tried to add customers ideas and vision to that process and it becomes even more complicated to fuse together. I find it is hard enough to satisfy my high expectations. So here is how I work:

I make small batches of favorite knives through out the year. I send out emails to customers who have signed up to be notified. That allows you to see knives first with an option to buy. I then post them on my website in "Hot off the anvil" section of my website, where they can be purchased.

Also, through out the year, I get the urge to make something more creative, my Artisan knives. I design with a bit more fun and flare, still grounded by performance. All my knives are Precisian Heat treated and  ready to cut.


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