About the maker

Daniel Erickson

It all started in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. I grew up with yearly hunting and fishing trips. On these excursions with my father, we always carried a sharp knife with us.

I built my first knife in 2002. A year later, my wife found a knife maker who helped me forge my own blades. “Ring of Fire Forge” was born from the sparks of the anvil that day.

Since then I have endeavored to learn all I can about mans earliest tool, the knife. My knives are designed with passion and built to perform, from my artistic high end pieces to my basic working models. They are built to serve you a lifetime.

In my early years I was a prep cook, line cook, and head cook. I studied architecture in college. I owned my own construction business for ten years. My knife has always been a tool I relied on.


___How I Work________

  • I build the blade, guard and handle from raw materials

  • I forge grind and heat treat the blade.

  • The whole knife is hand finished on my work bench

  • I use only the best materials.

  • I test blades. This ensures I am building the best possible blade.

___ Associations ___________

I am a Journeyman Smith with the American Bladesmith Society.

Washington Knife Collectors association

Montana knife makers association

Oregon Knife Makers association