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Knife Care

Like most good tools tell a story by the marks of their use, so too does a Carbon steel knife. High Carbon steel takes on a natural patina when it comes in contact with certain elements. Foods such as tomatoes, lemons, blood from meat, and mustard will turn the blade a natural brown. This is normal.

DOs and DON’Ts

(very important) Be careful with the tip of the blade. It is the finesse part of the knife, meant for starting a cut. Do not use the knife to pry with. You could snap the tip and end up with a shorter knife.

(also, very important) Do not store your knife in your sheath. The leather naturally holds moisture and will rust your Blade. It is alright to pack your knife in its sheath while in use, but store it in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight.

After each use wipe down the whole knife with a clean cloth. Clean with acetone (acetone is alcohol base and evaporates leaving no moisture). Coat the whole knife with a light coat of vegetable oil or oil made for knife care and then wipe off the excess. Instead of oil I use a product call “Renaissance wax.”

If your sheath is looking a bit dry, wipe on and then buff a light coat of paste wax. Do not use oil as it will soften and uniform the sheath.

Use the knife for what it was built for. My blades are built to be used and even pushed a little. Use common sense. Remember “NOT a Pry bar.”

My Blades are sharp!! They will cut you if you get in their path. If you let someone else use your knife be courteous and tell them “it is SHARP!!”

With a little bit of care my knife will last your life time and beyond.