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The Seattle International Knife Show – Great fun!!

by Daniel Erickson

A weekend of seeing, sharing and showing off knives, what could be better?It was a great weekend for me, start to finish. If you have not attended the show you need to check it out next year. Friday night starts the show with and informal get together of knife makers at Dave Lisch’s Blacksmith shop and Blade school. At the Pre-Funk there is forging tomahawks, knife forging competitions between the smiths, grinding, forging, sharpening demonstrations. Even a friendly tomahawk throwing competition. Followed by two days of incredible knives, cool makers, and a personalble setting.

My new friends Kornel and Csaba Vojko.

Kornel and Csaba Vojko lrg

Kikuo Matsuda and his amazing grinds.(Pre-Funk)

IMG_20150424_162210_407 grinding



Geoff Keyes and Murray Carter

KeyesMurrey Carter

Adam DesRosiers, sure can Forge! (Pre-Funk)

Adam Forging

Adam and Rick Dunkerley


Adam DesRosiers and Rick Dunkerley