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LANDMARK 100th knife finished!!!

by Daniel Erickson

It took two years for Blade, Handle, Sheath and Stand to culminate

but it was well worth the effort.

This was the last Blade I forged before I received my JS stamp in 2012. I had been working on the design for quite some time. The exquisite piece of Redwood burl had been waiting in quite anticipation for this project, five years. I had forged and finished the Blade and guard. The handle had been puzzle fit and ready to be glued when I had to stop to build my five JS knives. I finished the knife after the Atlanta show and as inspiration goes, it took a while to finalize the design for the sheath and stand. I got everything finished in time and unveiled my “Ringed Fire Fighter” at the 2014 “Oregon knife collectors” show. It was a hit!

100th Ringed Fire Fighter lg


Knife Themes:  “Fire” & “100”
The Blade: I forged a flame lick pattern into the blade. It is 8 1/4 inches. It is light and fast.
The Handle: Puzzle fit stabilized Redwood burl (flame) and Silvervine (smoke).
Spine: Smoke and flames carved. “100” in the butt cap.
Guard: 100 year old wrought iron from a Seattle Navy Ship.
Sheath: – Flames carved up sheath.
– Inlayed frog skin.
– Inset 100 yr. old token from Sheffield England.
– “100” on token face. Slide off belt loop carry option.
 Stand: –  Flame shaped Redwood Burl.
– ancient Mammoth Ivory tip rest

100th combo lg