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Washington Custom Knife Makers – breakfast

by Daniel Erickson

There was 13 attendees for our first ” knife makers” breakfast. We had a great time talking knives and showing or latest work.

After breakfast we went to Rick Lucas shop, where Tom Ferry MS dropped off a new hydraulic press. We helped Tom unload the press and finish putting it together. Then he fired it up and we made some Damascus with it. Not only does he make a great knife but he builds a fine press too!

Our goal, with the “Makers Breakfast”, is to share our information on knife making with each other. It will make us better makers and help us promote custom knife making through out Wa. We plan to have a breakfast monthly, and if possible visit one of the makers shops afterwards. The next one is planned to be held at Jeff Keyes shop in Duvall.

Knife makers and collectors welcome. If you have any questions about when and where the next breakfast will be, please contact me.

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